News Archive

12/2019: Our paper on extracting taint specifications for JavaScript has been accepted at ICSE 2020.

12/2019: Paper on TypeWriter, our neural type prediction approach in collaboration with Facebook.

11/2019: New paper on JSON subschema checking.

10/2019: Checkout our new benchmark for evaluating semantic representations of source code.

9/2019: Happy to receive an ERC Starting Grant on "Learning to find bugs" (1.5 million Euro).

9/2019: Our survey of compiler testing will appear in ACM CSUR.

9/2019: Two new PhD students: Welcome to Luca Di Grazia and Moiz Rauf.

7/2019: Our paper on Getafix has been accepted at OOPSLA'19.

6/2019: New study on neural bug finding.

5/2019: Our paper on security risks in the npm ecosystem will appear at USENIX Security'19.

5/2019: Check out Getafix, the first industrially-deployed automated bug-fixing. tool that learns fix patterns automatically.

5/2019: New ISSTA'19 paper on metamorphic testing of debuggers.

4/2019: Best Paper Award at ASPLOS'19 for Wasabi, our dynamic analysis framework for WebAssembly.

3/2019: Our article on automated program repair will appear in the Communications of the ACM (CACM).

3/2019: Interested in JavaScript security? Checkout our study of security threats in npm.

3/2019: Daniel and Andrew are heading out for internships at MSR and IBM Research. Congrats!

02/2019: Our work on leaky images, a privacy problem that affected various major websites, will appear at USENIX Security 2019. Congrats to Cristian!

01/2019: Our deep learning-powered study of obfuscated and minified JavaScript will be presented at The Web Conference 2019 (formerly known as WWW). Congrats to Philippe and Cristian!

01/2019: Marija has successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on actionable performance analyses for improving software performance.

01/2019: Group retreat in snowy Stuttgart.

12/2018: Our work on NL2Type, which predicts type signatures from natural language information, will appear at ICSE'19. Congrats to Rabee and Jibesh!

11/2018: We are moving: Starting from fall 2019, the Software Lab will be at University of Stuttgart, where Michael has accepted a position as full professor.

11/2018: Daniel receives the Datenlotsen Award (2,500 Euro) for his master thesis (see paper at FSE'18). Congrats!

11/2018: Our paper on Wasabi has been accepted at ASPLOS'19.

9/2018: Releasing Wasabi, the first dynamic analysis framework for WebAssembly (paper).

7/2018: Two new papers: Our work on studying how many of all bugs are detected by static bug detectors and our paper on finding thread-safe classes via machine learning have been accepted at ASE'18.

6/2018: Two papers accepted at OOPSLA'18! One on deep learning to find bugs and one on test generation for higher-order functions.

6/2018: New paper at FSE 2018 on differential testing of debuggers.

6/2018: Our work on change-aware dynamic analysis will be presented at ICSME 2018.

5/2018: Our work on ReDoS vulnerabilities in JavaScript-based web servers has been accepted at USENIX Security 2018.

2/2018: Our work on finding conflicts between JavaScript libraries will be presented at ICSE'18.

11/2017: Our paper on synthesizing programs that expose performance bottlenecks will appear at CGO'18.

10/2017: Our work on preventing code injection attacks on Node.js will appear at NDSS'18.

10/2017: Daniel wins the 2nd price at the ACM Student Research Competition at SPLASH'17 for his work on differential testing of debuggers. Congrats!

10/2017: Group retreat in Heidelberg.

7/2017: Our papers on reducing tree-structured input data and on mining test inputs from existing tests will appear at ASE 2017. Congrats to Satia, Jibesh, Luca, and Cristian!

6/2017: From research to practice: Our work on using identifier names to detect thousands of bugs at Google will be presented at OOPSLA 2017.

6/2017: Our survey on dynamic analysis and test generation for JavaScript will appear in ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR).

4/2017: Our paper on actionable performance profiling will appear at ISSTA 2017.

2/2017: Marija and Jibesh will join Microsoft Research for summer internships. Congrats!

2/2017: Our work on systematically testing collaborative web applications has been accepted at PLDI. Congrats to Marina on her first conference publication!

12/2016: Two papers at ICSE 2017: Our work on coverage-guided generation of concurrent tests and on targeted fuzzing of Android execution environments will appear at ICSE.

11/2016: Check out our work on preventing code injections on Node.js and on fuzz testing with probabilistic, generative models of input data.

9/2016: Group retreat in Koblenz

7/2016: Jibesh's work on language independent fuzz testing receives a distinguished poster award at ECOOP. Congrats!

7/2016: Xiangyu Zhang from Purdue visits us and talks about dynamic analyses for security.

4/2016: Alex Orso from Georgia Tech visits us and talks about automated debugging.

4/2016: Werner Dietl from U Waterloo visits us and talks about static analysis for Android apps.

4/2016: Two papers, on macro-based GUI testing and on profiling synchronization bottlenecks, accepted at ISSTA 2016.

3/2016: Marija wins an ACM-W Scholarship Award. Congrats!

12/2015: Two papers accepted at ICSE 2016. Congrats to Marija and Cristian!

10/2015: Andrew Habib joins the group. Welcome!

10/2015: Markus Ermuth and Thomas Glaser successfully defend their master and bachelor theses. Congrats!

10/2015: New course on Program Testing and Analysis starting this winter semester

9/2015: Marija got invited to present here work on JavaScript performance at JSConf EU 2015. Check out the talk.

9/2015: Murali Krishna Ramanatha from IIS visits us and talks about "Object Flow Profiling"

9/2015: Marina will present first results on race detection in web application at the SPLASH'15 SRC

8/2015: Paper on MemoizeIt accepted at OOPSLA'15

8/2015: Matthias Keil from University of Freiburg visits us and talks about "Contracts and Sandboxes for JavaScript"

7/2015: Ankit Choudhary successfully defends his master thesis on "Goal-driven Generation of Concurrent Unit Tests". Congrats!

6/2015: Marcel Böhme (Saarland University) visits us and talks about "Efficiency of Automated Testing"

5/2015: Paper on JITProf accepted at FSE'15

4/2015: Paper in DLint will be presented at ISSTA'15

4/2015: First results of Cristian's work on studying implicit information flows: PLDI'15 SRC contribution

4/2015: Marina Billes joins the group: Welcome!

3/2015: Paper on type coercions in JavaScript accepted at ECOOP'15

3/2015: Jibesh Patra joins the group: Welcome!

2/2015: Get a first glimpse of Marija's work on understanding and fixing JavaScript performance problems: ICSE'15 poster paper

12/2014: Paper on TypeDevil accepted at ICSE'15

12/2014: Andreas Leitner (Google Zurich) visits us and talks about "Testing at Google/YouTube"

10/2014: Teaching a new seminar in the winter semester: "Program Analysis"

10/2014: Marija Selakovic and Cristian-Alexandru Staicu are joining the group. Welcome!